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Patrol Supervisor (Sergeant)  July ’06 – Present

City of Waterbury Police Department, Waterbury, CT


Job performance includes the supervision of patrol officers in their daily activities.  Dissemination of Command directives and compliance inspections to insure their carrying out the goals of the department.  Employee performance appraisals of patrol officers.


Information Services Officer (Ranks of Patrolman and Detective)  Oct ’97 – July ‘06

City of Waterbury Police Department, Waterbury, CT


Job performance includes the specification and implementation of an Ethernet Network to support some 330 users.  State of the art fiber optics, CAT 5 wire, intelligent switches and routers were incorporated into the base structure. The specification and implementation of a new Computer Aided Dispatch/ Records Management System, Booking Station and Wireless Mobile Computer System, including all hardware, software and integration materials.  Assist with the specification and implementation of a new citywide 800Mhz trunked Communications System that will be incorporated into the department network.  The specifications and implementation for all in-house, mobile and remote precinct applications hardware and software.  Completed projects include the installation of a new Ethernet network, upgrade of systems to a new Windows 2003 Servers and Windows XP client system, integrated with two AS/400’s Ver 5.1.0 system to allow 5250 emulation to desktops, installation and implementation of optical jukebox for crime scene digital photographs and documents.  Specification and implementation of the Western Region COG CAPTAIN project, which includes installation of laptop computers in several patrol vehicles integrated with the State COLLECT System and the NCIC database via RF and EDGE for area departments.  Design and implementation of a Client/Server applications to support all in-house and state paperwork.  Maintenance of servers for all systems, workstations and software with internal support and training for 360 users.  Software includes Windows 95/98/XP, MS Office 97/XP, Client Access 5250 Emulation, RPG on AS/400 Ver. 5.0.0, AS/400 Query, 3270 Terminal Emulation and Wireless Gateway on RS6000/IBM AIX.


Currently supervising two civilian employees who perform the day to day tasks of maintaining the computer system for the department.  Compiling annual budget for the Information Systems Division and producing long term plans and procedures for the division and department in respect to technology.


Investigate criminal activities to include homicide, robbery, rape and other major crimes.  Computer Forensic Analysis for incidents that involve child pornography, fraud and identity theft for the City of Waterbury and other surrounding agencies utilizing industry standard software, EnCase Ver 5.0.5e from Guidance Software and a Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED).


Patrolman  Dec ’94 – Oct ’97

City of Waterbury Police Department, Waterbury, CT


Job performance included policing of the City of Waterbury.  Enforcing all criminal statutes and town ordinances set forth by the State of Connecticut and the City of Waterbury.  Investigation of complaints and initiation of proactive policing in community of assignment.


Information Center Analyst  Mar ’93 – Dec ’94

National Reinsurance Co., Stamford, CT


Job performance included implementation of a Token-Ring LAN to initially support the IS Division and to increase services to some 250 users throughout the branch office.  Hardware and software specifications and implementation for all file servers and workstations.  Installation of all hardware and software to interface the PC Servers and an IBM 9121 Mainframe to allow mainframe disk space to be accessed from PC servers as disk space.  Maintenance and upgrade of existing workstations and software.  Internal support to all employees for hardware and software.  Hardware used included IBM 386, 486, 95 Series Servers, CAU’s, MAU’s, Token-Ring adapters, Bridges, Routers, CAT 3, CAT 5, fiber optic cabling, PC to Mainframe integration adapters.  Some software includes OS/2 2.1 and WARP OS, Word Perfect 5.1 for DOS and VM/370 Mainframe, LOTUS 123 Rev. 3.4, COREL Publisher 4.0 and MS Word 6.0.  IBM Software includes LAN Server 3.0, Extended Services 2.0, Database Manager/2, Communication Manager/2 1.0, DOS LAN Requester.  Networking of HP LaserJet printers, Windows 3.1 and DOS 5.0 workstations on the ring.  Training of all employees on the software.


Electronic Delivery Specialist  Jun ’92 – Feb ’93

IBM Corp., Norwalk, CT


Job performance included the design and implementation of a Token-Ring LAN to support some 200 users in trading area.  Hardware and software specifications for all servers, workstations and LAN materials.  Maintenance of existing computer hardware and peripherals including PC XT’s, AT’s, PS/2’s, printers and all related software.  Responsible for the Fairfield County IBM Network which included the maintenance of an IBM 3745.  Training of all users on software.


East Coast Sales Manager  Jul ’88 – Feb ’92

DP Technology Corp., Derby, CT


Job performance included managing sales territory for 11 Northeast States.  Contacting leads generated throughout the area.  Evaluation and implementation of CAD/CAM and DNC software according to customers needs.  Generation of proposals for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses according to customer specifications.  Support for existing customers and established distributors and representatives throughout the territory.


Application Technician  Nov ’86 – Jul ’88

DP Technology Corp., Camarillo, Ca.


Job performance included development of CAD/CAM and DNC software for the manufacturing industry on engineering workstations and PC platforms.  Installation, customization and connectivity of workstations to machine tool controls and LANs.  Programming languages included HP Proprietary BASIC, HP-UX, C+, BASIC and Pascal.  Connectivity requirements included RS-232C and Ethernet.  Software and hardware troubleshooting on-site and via phone support.  Lead technician in New York office prior to promotion into sales.


Owner CS & Associates, LLC  Feb ’02- Dec ‘08

Derby, CT


Consulting on the implementation and design of emergency communications software and hardware.  Design of systems for new and existing dispatch centers.  Customers include the Tolland County Mutual Aid Fire & EMS Dispatch Center. Quinebaug Valley Emergency Dispatch Center, Newtown Police Department and the Waterbury Police Department.


Consult and implement State of Connecticut COLLECT/NCIC Systems for area police departments.  Tasks include assistance in mandated documentation, purchase of hardware and software and implementation of networking and systems.



Naugatuck Valley Community Technical College, Waterbury, CT  ’95 – Present

Course studies for Associates Degree in Computer Science.  Classes include Visual Basic, Advanced Visual Basic, “C” Programming, COBOL I, COBOL II, Local Area Networks, Advanced LAN, Servicing and Support of LAN’s, Computer Crimes and History 101.


Specialized Education

Computer Forensic Analysis, Institute for Police Technology & Management Jan. ‘05

Intermediate Analysis of Computer Forensic Media, Guidance Software Inc. Sept. ‘05


POST Certified Police Officer, State of Connecticut June 24, 1993

Graduated second in class and elected class speaker for graduation.


Waterbury Police Department

Police Excellence Medal, Waterbury Police Department Dec. ‘04

Police Excellence Medal, Waterbury Police Department Dec. ‘06

Police Valor Medal, Waterbury Police Department Dec. ‘08

Technical Committee Member, Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

Technical Committee Member, Central Region Council of Governments Public Safety


Connecticut State Certified Firefighter III,  December 1989

20 year volunteer member and retired Chief of Derby Fire Dept., Derby, CT Jan 07 – Jan 09

Hazardous Materials Technician


Speedway Safety Services Inc., Claremont, NH Jun. 04 –present

Firefighter Safety Crew for NASCAR Series